As I think about how I learn as an adult, I am reminded of how adults learn differently from children.  I have found that when adults take classes they rely on different aspect than children.  For example, as an adult my learning first of all has a purpose.  I am taking classes to improve my position and job status.  My purpose is much different from those of children.  I need to be able to apply what I am learning to what I have learned during my life experiences or will experience.  This brings me to the usage of many resources.  Being a learner of this day and age, I have become dependent upon many different types of resources that were not available in my early years of education.  Looking at my mind map, you will see that I use technology as a resource, my computer, personal experiences and the social group of my classmates.  Using technology has provided a plethora if information for me.  There is no end to the blogs, emails, chats, groups, articles, online journals and sometimes just simply typing a topic into google or yahoo. Although, I am new to blogging, I have found it interesting as well as educational to read blogs and see what others are thinking or advancements and/or ideas of others. When I have questions, I find it easy to use different types of resources.  I use professional and personal experiences because that is what we use as adults.  We have a wealth of experiences that we can relate to learning.  I also find that I am not intimidated by asking questions or for help in my classes.  As an adult, I am more confident than ever because I realize that learning has to occur for the purpose of my moving forward therefore, taking initiative is in imperative to my success.  I have found myself becoming more and more technology savvy.  It is the only way to keep up with this ever changing world.  I am able to navigate on most websites and also in my online classes.  My learning and usage of different resources increases more and more as I learn more and more.  Learning to me is more than reading a chapter and answering questions.  That is the way learning was done for me in earlier years but now learning is done in so many different ways and I am glad of it.  I am very glad that I am able to use connectivism to enhance my learning experiences.  Who knows, perhaps as time goes on and my education does too, my mind web will become bigger and bigger.

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