Final Reflection

In taking this class I have learned a lot about instructional design.  The first thing I recall learning is how surprised I was to learn that all people learn differently how theories have played a part in the learning of myself for many years.  I was especially intrigued to know that there are many differences in the learning process for all learners.  There are those who learn best by doing, such as I. Then there is the learner who must read all material to gain understanding, and then the learner who must hear the material, then there is the learner who could not possible take an online course and be successful because of their lack of ability to self-direct and motivate themselves.  These people may benefit from classes that are taught face to face. This course has deepened my understanding about the learning process and how and where learning occurs.  There are things that we put in long term memory and short term memory. There is also the idea that we were once compared to a computer when describing our learning process.  The difference is that we also operate by emotion which does play a factor in our learning process.  Emotion does play a part in learning because if we are essentially interested in the material being taught then we are on-board for learning and will remain interested without much outside or instructional motivation from the instructor.

       I have learned that there are several different types of learning theories that suggest how people have learned and have been taught.  I have come to the conclusion that there is no definite perfect theory that we can rely on being the best when teaching but the conclusion I have reached is this:  Each theory has a part that we can utilize at different times of study.  For instance, I was trying to see what learning theory was I best suited for, I came to the conclusion that I am many different learning theories.  I know in math I would need the behaviorist theory because research of solving math problems would rarely get done by me because of my lack of motivation of learning math.  On the other hand I can use the constructivist approach in all other subjects because I am more self-directed and motivated in all other subjects. Once you know your learning style half the battle is already won.  You just have to know who you are and your learning style.

       My learning in this class has made me more conscious about how learning occurs.  I am more in tune with how adults learn.  I feel I can design and consistently motive adult learners because I now know that adults learn so much differently than children.  Adult motivation is on a different level than children learning and young adult learning.  I found that relevance must be present for adult learners.  They want to know how learning relates to them.  They need to feel comfortable in their learning and be made to feel as though, no matter how many years it has been since they have been in school, that they too can learn and be successful.  I did truly think that teaching adults would be void of having to provide motivation but through this class I have found that, that is not so true.  I am glad I was able to realize that through this class and am very happy that I had the opportunity to learn as much as I have in this class. I feel I may be a better instructor because of this class.

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